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How Long Does External Render Last in Lanarkshire?

How long does external Render last? is a question often asked when new homeowners purchase a rendered property in Lanarkshire.

The answer to this question is not that simple, due to many factors that can effect the life of an external rendering system on a property. From the type of Render used, to the location of the property – can attribute to the overall lifespan of the covering system.

The design life of a typical Render is approx. 30 years, with many Renders lasting much longer. Generally, Rendering specialists like MC Solutions guarantee our external render systems for 25 -30 years.

Many people can expect some modern acrylic or plastic-based Rendering to last anywhere between 20 and 40 years.


Types of Render

There are three main types of Render, the type of Render used in an external wall application plays a contributing factor in the lifespan of the system. The three main types are;External Render

  • Mineral Render (cement based)
  • Acrylic Render
  • Silicon Render

The majority of acrylic renders and silicon-based renders generally have a long lifespan if correctly installed and shouldn’t need replaced any earlier than their lifespan permits.

Cement Renders may need to be replaced sooner than acrylic or silicon based Renders as they have a tendency to crack and break off. Cement Renders also have the added downfall of shrinkage, which can cause cracking anywhere between 7 – 15 years.

It’s also worth noting, if you have brickwork that is laid with cement-based mortar than there are fewer chances of early cracking. Modern Renders with an adhesive base coat and mineral, silicon or acrylic topcoats are much more flexible and breathable, making them much less liable to liable to cracking.


Weather and Environmental Factors

Another driving factor in the lifespan of your external Render system is environmental factors such as; the weather. If like many that have found this article and your located in Glasgow or Lanarkshire, rain and excessive rain – is a regular reality.

When wet weather has to be taken into consideration, so does the type of Render you choose. Some lime and silicon-based renders work perfectly against such bad weather and can protect the underlying bricks and insulation.


Quality of Workmanship & Materials

external render
External Cracked Mineral Render (Cement Based)

The quality of workmanship and quality of the Render, is another contributing factor to the lifespan. Providing the application of the Render has been conducted properly with the correct surface preparation, lifespan should maintain all manufactures guidance.

The quality of the render material is also a consideration, if the installer of the Render has opted for cheap materials, don’t expect your Render to last past a few downpours of rain! Always make sure if you are looking to have your property Rendered, you adopt fully qualified, skilled and experienced professionals, such as MC Solutions.

All external Render systems we install are installed by our division of Render specialists, with over 30 years of experience. We only use  reputable branded materials, making sure our Render systems meet and exceed manufactures lifespan guidance.


More Details

If you’d like more details on Render or Roughcast services we can provide, or to arrange a no obligation, free quotation. Contact MC Solutions on – 01236 803 157 during business hours, or email us at – info@mcsolutionsltd.co.uk.


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