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Lanarkshire’s Rendering and Roughcasting Specialists

Many new-build houses in Lanarkshire are built rendered, this helps protect the building and proves to be very cost-efficient in the long run.

Rendering is a great way to protect your residential house or commercial premises. New render doesn’t crack and also removes the need for painting the property. Not only that it can also be used a great way to help blend in newer parts of a building to an existing building.


Lanarkshire’s Rendering and Roughcasting Specialists

Like many trades and professions out there, construction has a lot of have-a-go-hero’s that deem themselves professionals and overnight specialists, certified by YouTube!

That’s not the case with us, quite the opposite really. Rendering and Roughcasting where one of the first services we provided on a

commercial scale, over 30 years ago. It’s safe to say, we know every which way when it comes to professional, specialist rendering and roughcasting.

MC Solutions has a dedicated division of render and roughcast specialists that have the skills and experience to seamlessly provide a flawless finish, overcoming every possible road block a project may provide.


What is External Rendering?

External Render on a new build

An external Render in a very basic form is, a coating that is applied to the external walls of a building. This provides a protective coating which prevents rain and weather penetration, Render also provides various aesthetical benefits as stated above.

Modern-day Render or Rendering can be grouped into three main categories, these include;

  • Mineral Render (cement based)
  • Acrylic Render
  • Silicon Render

Render can be applied to have a smooth and flawless finish or to have a textured appearance, it’s really just down to personal preference, what finish you choose for your Render.


External Roughcast

What is External Roughcasting?

Roughcast differs from Render mainly due to the type of application. Render is generally smooth or has a textured finish. Whereas Roughcast is a dry aggregate thrown onto a wet surface, to catch the stones to form a decorative finish.

Roughcast is applied to the exterior of a building, for the same reason Render is applied; to provide decorative and water tight level of protection.

Roughcast (also called ‘wet-dash’ in Cumbria and ‘harling’ in Scotland) can be looked at as a type of Render, that has a coarse finishing coat containing gravel thrown in a premixed state onto a wall.


More Details

If you’d like more details on Render or Roughcast services we can provide, or to arrange a no obligation, free quotation. Contact MC Solutions on – 01236 803 157 during business hours, or email us at – info@mcsolutionsltd.co.uk.


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